Welcome to my life in Shikokuchuo, since 9 August 2021

More Kanazawa

We went to the Kenroku-en garden, one of japan’s 3 most beautiful gardens. And next to Kanazawa Castle. Also went to the historical district. Its all about gold leaf here. Even ice cream. There’s an onsen in the hotel. And we had breakfast in the hotel too.

Cute little snow people with cute hats.
Icy streets
Every one took photos of the tree
Oh no (as the kids would say and make the finger sign of no) ) Dare I say it? KFC.
In the hotel pyamas, After the onsen in the hotel, so relaxing and lovely. I wish I could go every day.


2nd of January we went to kanazawa on the bus. Beautiful snow on the way. And via Shiragawa-go, another open air museum of a traditional village. We only had a 10 minute break there. And of course more shrines and temples in Kanazawa. Less cold, less snow and even rain.

Chris and I at the sushi bar

More Takayama photos.

I fell in love with Takayama, the snow, the beautiful shrines and temples, the lovely streets and buildings. Small town surrounded by snow and trees covered hills, and mountains behind that. I had Hatsumode in the Shrine : first temple visit in the new year, with sake and a tiny bag with dried seaweed and fish. They had big bonfires to burn last year’s fortunes, and to keep warm. There were only a few people around, so that was lovely. I bought an amulet of the ‘almighty’.

Funny things
Beautiful red tori in the snow
Bon fire
Another day, another Shrine

Takayama, random photos.

Happy New Year everyone. This year I’ll be coming home, NL and NZ.

But, I’m still enjoying Takayama in the snow. I love the snow. I could have lived here for a year and been happy, I think.

Takayama mascotte
Those boxes will be good for my temple figurines
Souvenirs? Strange things
Lucky cat in the snow
Fireworks on januari 1st.

Takayama day 2, afternoon continued

I also walked to Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine. So beautiful. Everything looks gorgeous in the snow. I love shrines. They are normally surrounded by a grove of very old trees. Here in Takayama many trees were numbered and had a wooden sign with name and age.

Takayama day 2

The bus to Hida no sato

We took the bus to Hida no sato folk village, 30 houses and buildings with thatched roofs. So beautiful. And I got the ring a bell, always a highlight.

Takayama, day 1

We arrived in Takayama in the late afternoon, in the snow. It was lovely to walk around in the snow and the streets while dusk settled into night. And of course I immediately saw a temple, and it was the 3 tiered Hida Kokubunji Buddhist temple.

1200 year old gingko tree on the left, a national treasure
Lucky cat on the main road

On our way to Takayama and the snow snow snow

We, Chris and I, took a 3 hour train trip to Takayama, and gradually saw more snow on the way. And arrived in the snow. And it was snowing lightly and it has been snowing lightly and heavily on and off. I’m totally excited and couldn’t wait to get out there, after checking in to the hotel at 4.30 pm . I walked into town, past a 3 tiered temple, down the main shopping street and across a small river. And I finally recognised the town. I was here in 2016 in autumn. I got another spike of excitement. I then arrived in the historic city. It’s really great to be here and to be here again. Looking forward to tomorrow.